Maker. Creator. Designer.

I’m Chantal – a designer based in Toronto harnessing culture and creativity to bring products in the physical and digital world to life.

By trade, I'm a user experience designer – working with brands to create gratifying and intuitive digital experiences for their users. My focus is to deliver meaningful value with the goal of helping them succeed, always.

Passionate about the intrinsic details that make up the entirety of an experience, I turned to the physical world to convey my understanding of what makes a digital experience special, and apply that to the physical world. The two are one in the same - they should be simple, they should be unique, and they should make you feel something.

I created Misao to design products that evoke senses and tap into individual interpretation. Products that are modern, are simple, and are functional.

This is the collection I want to share with the world and hope admirers of this project find the same delight as I had making these pieces, and explore new areas of interpretation as they pass by each piece living in their own homes.

  • Materials

    It all starts with materials.

    Concrete is long-lasting, it is resilient, and it is adaptable. That's why each piece in the collection is made of 100% concrete – making them physically durable while maintaining the delicate lines and details seen in the final product.

  • Design & Development

    The fun part.

    Each of the pieces are hand-poured into vessels that allow the concrete to be molded into its intended shape. When fully formed, the product is then demolded and given 24 hours to dry completely.

  • Product Revisions

    Tweaking to perfection.

    Each piece is handmade, making them perfectly imperfect. There may be the occasional flaw such as air bubbles or color variation. Revisions are made and we try our best to make each item as uniform as possible.